The Marshall Mathers LP
By: Eminem
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This Week in History: Eminem releases the fastest-selling rap album

Flashback to May 2000 — Britney Spears topped the charts with “Oops!...I Did It Again.” She sold a record-high 1.3 million albums in the first week and life was good for Spears at the top.
A few weeks later, Eminem released his second album, “The Marshall Mathers LP” and a new chart topper emerged.
“The Marshall Mathers LP” sold 1.7 million albums in the first week on the shelves, breaking Spears’ record and becoming the fastest selling rap album in history. Snoop Dogg's 1993 "Doggystyle" previously held the record with 800,000 copies sold.
Eminem’s album went on to sell 11 million copies in the United States.
Did you pick up a copy of “The Marshall Mathers LP” when it first came out? Tell us in the comments.
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i remember buying this album when it first came out. i listened to that cd on repeat for weeks and weeks

I actually remember the week Britney dropped her album more cause Phish released "Farmhouse" the same day. My sister and i drove to Erie to buy Farmhouse at the midnight release event at MediaPlay. The cashier was keeping a tally by hand of who sold more phish or britney. We were pretty early in line but phish was ahead when we left.

@likeaghost ha that's pretty great