The Citadel - Washington, DC
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I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the date on this should be 11/24/91. They opened for Fishbone, and it was quite possibly the most energetic concert I've ever seen.
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So you are definitely correct that Primus played The Citadel on 11/24/91. Comparing the two bands' histories, it's clear that Fishbone and Primus toured together in the US in the late fall of 91. So we've added that show here: https://fans.com/events/5504955 (Sorry that opening/headlining acts sometimes appear together on one Fans event page and sometimes they are separate.)

The open question is whether this 10/1/91 listing is wrong or whether Primus played The Citadel on both dates. The Primus shows before and after this date were in Pennsylvania, so it's not implausible. (Fishbone was far away.) If you or anyone else has any additional information, please let us know. Trying our best to get this stuff right is what we're all about!
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I think this show was Primus, Public Enemy, Anthrax, and Fishbone.
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I wish it was, but I'm fairly certain it was just Primus and Fishbone.