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Just started on this site. How do you add shows? Hoping to add Dr. Dog @ Mass MoCA 10/10/15
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Hi Van. So I've just added that show. You can find it here https://fans.com/events/5504934

In the future, you can always go to the little triangle dropdown on the right of the top toolbar (next to your profile picture). Under the dropdown, select "Report a Problem" and then at the bottom, "Report a Missing Concert."

Thank you very much for helping us continue to build Fans. We want to deliver the most comprehensive concert listings anywhere and your help is really appreciated. If you have a list of a -lot- of Dr. Dog shows that we're missing, please feel free to reach out by responding to the registration email you should have received or you can reach me directly at seth@fans.com or our community leader Jaclyn on jaclyn@fans.com . Thanks again!
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Thank you so very much! I appreciate the tips. I've been keeping a spreadsheet on shows I've attended over the last 30 years, so it'll be nice to get this into a web format!