The Ballroom Thieves
Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
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The Ballroom Thieves Steal Brooklyn
The Ballroom Thieves put on a great show Thursday night. While the crowd wasn’t the biggest in New York, the hundred or so that were present were deeply invested in the show. The Thieves, while usually consisting of guitarist Martin Earley, percussionist Devin Mauch, and cellist Calin Peters, were this time backed by The Maine Youth Rock Orchestra. The orchestra highlighted the trio’s signature three piece harmonies, complementing them with the room filling sound of a two dozen cellos, violins and violas. The band had great on stage chemistry, which featured typical sibling like banter back and forth between the three. The best part of the show was one of the last songs The Thieves performed, Archers. When Earley began to play the intro to the hard-folk ballad the crowd erupted as they recognized their favorite song. While The Thieves navigated through the first chorus you could see their faces light up as the crowd overpowered the bands hypnotic voices, singing every word at the top of their lungs.
The Ballroom Thieves played two unnamed songs off their upcoming album, which will be coming out in the next few months. They released their first studio album A Wolf in the Doorway last April and have since garnered a growing, loyal following.
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