The Who
STAPLES Center - Los Angeles, CA
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I drove up to LA to see (IMO) the original teen angst rock band. I hadn't seen them since the 1996 Quadraphenia tour. The sound, visuals and performance was nothing short of outstanding. These guys @ 71 can still bring it. As most people I spent a lot of time in thought revisiting previous shows. What really hit me is the Who is still relevant after all these years. I was 17 the first time I saw them. They were 25. You do the math. Who will crank it up to that level. Who will be the next loud and loud, grinding guitar band after Neil Young, the Stones and the Who stop performing? Who is writing, recording and playing today that will be this influential for the current generation? Seeing the Who takes me back to the days of rage, out in the streets. The blood was pumping, body moving and shaking to the sounds and politics of Jefferson Airplane and the Who in my head. Ah...those were the days. Thank you Pete and Rodger for the touch and glimpse of what was.
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right on. glad to hear they are still rockin

Thanks @casadetulum good review. Miss your awesome photos in this one! I saw The Who last year, my first time, and really enjoyed it. So many good acts out there still.