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Fantastic Oral History from year 1

Found video from that tour. Wow!
Favorite bit is of course The Butthole Surfers freaking everyone out again. Your people @saber Damn!
HAYNES: One time I said to him, “Hey, dude, let’s do a boxing match. Three rounds.” He’s like, “Anywhere near a hospital where you like the food, man!”
JOBSON: They were all afraid of [Rollins] because they were a bunch of pussies and Henry’s tough as nails.
FARRELL: Gibby had a shotgun.
HAYNES: I don’t know who said it — it might have been Duchamp — but someone said there’s nothing more surrealistic than firing a blank gun into a crowd of people.
ROLLINS: It was full of rounds with no shot, just powder. And he would yell into the microphone, “I didn’t see you people moving when the Rollins Band played, you sons of bitches!” And he would cock the shotgun, and aim it directly into the audience and shoot it.
FISHER: I was like, “What the fuck!”
VERNON REID (guitarist, Living Colour): He would wear this really horrendous floral-print housedress.
LYMAN: That was the reaction everyone wanted to get. Everything on Lollapalooza was trying to get a bigger reaction than the other guy.
ROLLINS: After a few times, Kevin Lyman said, “That’s just not going to fly.” It was terrifying. I would never, ever do that to an audience, but it was one of those things.
PERKINS: Truly a dangerous band.
NAVARRO: There weren’t different stages to walk to. It was all pretty centrally located, and a lot of people were turned on to bands they wouldn’t have otherwise known.
REID: Siouxsie’s position in that tour, below the headliner — she was a kind of monarch, whether that was intentional or not. She was around in the earliest days of punk, so it was awesome to have her. This whole thing could’ve been completely ageist, and that didn’t happen.
remember this @robcoppo? We had no idea what a music festival really was at that point.
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throwin' it back to the early 90s