The Avett Brothers
Westcott Theater - Syracuse, NY
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Every show is special to someone, every Avett show is special to me, but this night is without pause my answer to the "what's your favorite Avett show ever" question. I had no camera, let alone a phone in 2009. I was lost in a way but right at home chasing memories like this night. The two pics from this show are stolen from an Avettour friend's facebook page. She was standing next to me and we bonded that night, running into each other over the next year a bit and then she stepped away for awhile. I saw her last week and we reminisced about this night where the Avetts opened with ten "Pretty Girl" songs. The pic of Seth and Joe is my favorite cause i had to move my setlist so Joe had a spot to put his Cello down. I think the Westcott holds 500 people, I heard they only sold 400 tickets to this show, but 300 people were in line by 3 pm, well before the doors opened. Place was pure electricity. I need to dig up my setlist to get a better pic but i wanted to post this now cause this show was important in so many ways.
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you're always right at home when the music starts. it's crazy to look back at where these guys have been through the years. you're lucky to have seen some of it yourself.

all an accident; but so glad i found them. This era was amazing. Scott and Seth both took turns on the drums during certain songs. They would stay after most shows and talk to fans till the bus was ready to leave. The day after this show they played the Newport Folk Fest, had an early set that NPR broadcast. Such a great memory for me is listening to that set in our car during the long journey home, surreal that the band we had just seen was playing on the radio in another state about 12 hours after we saw them. They have worked so hard and deserve all their success.