Bonerama, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic
The Cutting Room - New York, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 KernelForbin Awesome show!

Awesome show!

This band rocks. They are full of raw talent and their show is always a good time. They had AJ Hall on drums who was just tearing it up. He was nailing Plant's voice throughout the night.
Unfortunately The Cutting Room continues to be a bit of a cluster. The amount of tickets they sell + the venue design makes for a very cramped space. Tons of people standing around (not even facing the stage) talking all through the show. If you are going there to really enjoy the music it is highly advisable to get in early and push your way up to the front half of the front room. You can also go up stairs if it isn't blocked off for VIP (it isn't always) and move to the front balconies there.
Whatever you do, don't get stuck in the bar area of The Cutting Room. It will be a bad experience. It isn't always too easy to get past that bar area, however. Again just try to get in early and post up a spot *before* waiting to get drinks or anything like that.
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Great advice about The Cutting Room. Always. So. Crowded.