Peter Frampton
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1st Frampton show

This was one of my first concerts. It was outdoors at Colt Park in Hartford, CT. The 2 opening acts were Natural Gas and Gary Wright (who had recently released his Dream Weaver album). I believe the Hells Angels were in charge of "security" and crowd control. Me and a couple friends were situated about 20 to 30 feet from the front of the stage dead center. When Peter came running onto stage he was so pumped up with his fists in the air to a frenzied crowd. All of a sudden "Down goes Frampton". Evidently the stage ended a few feet short of the wall in front of the crowd, I believe this was to allow security to keep fans from climbing onto stage without interfering with the performance, but no one told Peter. It is my understanding that in addition to ripping his pants he fractured a few ribs. However, like a true professional he persevered on and did his whole show, while most likely being in some serious pain. Thanks for sucking it up and doing your show. It was awesome!
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That is a great looking old ticket!

haha! what a story