Peter Frampton
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Summer of '76

I was dating this beautiful girl from my hometown Williamsburg, Brooklyn and she absolutely loved Frampton. She would play her acoustic guitar and serenade me. One night my Dad came looking for me at 4 in the morning (reminds me of one of my favorite's Just The Time of Year) while we were hanging out and she was playing some of Frampton's tunes for me. Anyway, I knew it would make her birthday if I got tickets to his show at MSG that summer of "Frampton Comes Alive" and one of my buddies father worked as an electrician at the garden and leaked to me when the tickets would go on sale. So I got to MSG with a few cousins while they were setting up the old wooden saw horses to keep people in line and there we were at the front of the line when the box office opened! We got front row tickets to the show and it was a night to remember! I fell in love with Frampton once and for all that Summer night, and to this day, I love all his music and would love to win those tickets! Frampton rules baby!
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nice! Williamsburg is sure different these days.

Right you are. Bet nobody even knows who Peter Frampton is!