Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, and 3 more
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
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Win tickets to Todd Rundgren at Brooklyn Bowl

Multi-talented rocker Todd Rundgren is bringing his talents to Brooklyn and Fans wants to help you get to the show.
We're giving away a pair of tickets to the Brooklyn Bowl show on Tuesday, 5/24 to the fan with the best Todd Rundgren story.
To enter, create a post with your favorite Todd Rundgren story, memory, song, video, ticket stub, album cover, concert poster, photo or anything that tells your story. The winner will be selected based on comments, likes and all-around awesomeness. Be sure to share your post with your friends to get your story more exposure!
The contest kicked-off on Tuesday, May 10 at 12PM EST and runs through Wednesday, May 18 at 11:59PM EST. Tickets cannot be traded. Must be 21+ to enter. The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 19.
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I am a big Todd Rundgren fan from back in the 70's- and when I started HS-the song that wll forever stay in my minf is "HELLO ITS ME!! I remember being highly insulted when a guy in HS said I reminded him "face wise" of Todd Rundgren!!! Only to grow up being such a big fan of a Rock music legend!!! I guess I should have tajrn that as a great conpliment!!

It was 1979, I was 19. Me ,Billy and NickyD jump into Billys father's Plymouth Horizon. We had a case of beer in the cooler and a 2ft bong in the car. We're flying down the Sawmill River Parkway, smoking,drinking and listening to some Blue Oyster Cult. All of the sudden we're getting pulled over by county police. Two cops pull us over. They asked where we were going in such a hurry and we told them,"to see Todd Rudgren Utopia. One cop asked the other if he ever heard of Todd,he said "no",then the other cop said, "well it like you guys are going to be late. They asked us what was in the cooler, we told them it was beer. Again, the one cop asked the other cop if he needs any beer,he said no. He checked my friend's license, ins. and reg. Told us we could go and said that he'd hate to see what we were shoving under the seats. We couldn't believe it, got to the show on time and saw a GREAT concert!

I love TR! No better musician, vocalist, music producer in the world so glad he is still so connected with his fans.
I'd live to win tixs to his current tour. I know it will be last one to feature most of his top 10 songs‼️❤️

@LorainOhio You're the winner. Please check your email to claim your tickets.