Umphrey’s McGee
Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA
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Georgia throwdown

What a killer show this was! It might be one of the best UM shows I've seen yet. I can't even pick out any highlights because the whole show is filled with special songs and moments. So. many. segways. Audience recording: https://archive.org/details/um2012-04-13.flac16 Setlist: Set 1 No Crying in Mexico Pay the Snucka Cemetery Walk> Nemo> Stew> Nemo Cemetery Walk II> Jimmy Stewart> Cemetery Walk II Through the Cracks Andy's Last Bear Pay the Snucka Set 2 Wappy Sprayberry> Push the Pig> Kashmire> Push the Pig In the Kitchen> Booth Love Can't You See Prowler> In the Kitchen E: All in Time> Wanna Be Startin Something> All in Time