Peter Frampton
The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
Ymp8wo48qbkywww4lzxj?policy=eyjlehbpcnkiojmxntu3njawmdasimnhbgwiolsicmvhzcisimnvbnzlcnqixx0%3d&signature=11e150cf8f9eda6d535978740033af44dc4ecf534e6994e68f6745335d09cb60 CirculationDesk Win tickets to Peter Frampton at The Cap

Win tickets to Peter Frampton at The Cap

Guitar legend Peter Frampton is bringing his talents to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY on 6/1, and Fans.com is giving away two tickets to the show, a special merch pack and dinner at The Rye House in Port Chester!
If you want to see the rock legend LIVE on stage, share your best Peter Frampton story or memory right here on Fans.com.
To enter, create a post with your favorite Peter Frampton song, video, ticket stub, album cover, concert poster, photo or anything that tells your story. The winner will be selected based on comments, likes and all-around awesomeness. Be sure to share your post with your friends to get your story more exposure!
The contest kicked-off on Monday, May 9 at 10AM EST and runs through Wednesday, May 18 at 11:59PM EST. Tickets cannot be traded. Must be 21+ to enter. The winner will be announced on Friday, May 20.
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The first concert I attended was Peter Frampton at Madison Square Garden supporting Framton Comes Alive. That gig blew my mind. It was thrilling to see girls screaming & throwing flowers at Framton. One of the best concerts I've attended
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I have been a fan since I was 13, I'm now 53...
I met Peter in Fort Lee when he was promoting his NOW album. As I got closer to "meet" him, all I did was cry... I couldn't even talk, although I was able to muster my name so he could autograph the picture I brought.

First saw Framton at Colt Park in Hartford Ct back in 1977. I had a great time,not sure if Peter did for during one of his jams he fell off the stage,and split his jumpsuit

Opening act Madison Square Garden, maybe November, 1975. Was a big Mason fan. Was at a Rangers game night before tickets went on sale. They still sold tickets. Got 2 in 5th row. Frampton comes on maybe 5 months before Frampton Comes Alive. He came alive for me that night!

Mine is a simple one : Filmore East I am 16 and it is October 1970- I am going to see Derek&the Dominoes, the opening band is some new band called Humble Pie- they are killer and people for one of the first times at the Filmore are asking for an encore - I Don't Need No Doctor I just became a Peter Frampton fan and Steve Marriott was pretty damn good also- What a Band !

Been a lifetime fan of Peter Frampton from 10 years old & still to this day..saw him live for his FCA35 Tour NYCB Westbury NY...Fantastic show..brought me right back to 1976...AMAZING!!!
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I've never seen him perform live. My earliest memory of his music is from when my friends/ neighbors would play his albums and we would dance & sing along.

What I gotta do to enter???
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Back in the day when Peter was in Framton's Camel and regularly opening for J.Giles Band.....a buddy of mine was a roady for Peter Wolf and the gang.....Many Great, butt very hazy memories both back and in front of the stage! Always remained a fan and still trying to remember what the hell really happened.........Yassssss.... the good Ole days of sex & drugs & rock & roll!!!!
I wanna go back-

@fan-64793985 share your favorite memory or story about Peter Frampton and you'll be entered to win

Peter Frampton has been on my bucket list for years.

@fan-64793985 and @CirculationDesk I just posted mine over at Framptons page. Like this?!!! https://fans.com/posts/5219

Saw Peter ~1975 right before Frampton Comes Alive was released at the Capital Theater in Passiac, NJ. Had 4th row seats - evcellent show been a fan ever since.

For my 11th Birthday my Dad took me to see Peter Frampton at Madison Square Garden October 1976. That started my obsession with him! Photos on my wall, Frampton Comes Alive was always playing in my room!!i even begged my mom to let me dye my brown curls blonde so I could look like him!! I would love to win tickets so I could see him once again!!❤️🎸

In 1976 I saw Peter Frampton at MSG. It was such a big deal! My friend Zeppis father was in the mafia, he got us front row seats and we were driven down in limo. I caught his guitar pick but gave it to my girlfriend thinking it would impress her. Later that week we drove up to Pete's house (we were friends now because I saw him play ),we walked up and rang the doorbell. A rather large and surprised man answered. We asked if our new pal Pete was home. All he did was suggest we leave. I did get to meet Bob Mayo (rip) because we lived in the same town. Would love to see him again after all this time but I've been out of work for awhile now. I could use a night out.