Grateful Dead
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Billy turns 70!

Happy 70th Birthday to Bill Kreutzmann from The Grateful Dead!
To celebrate his 70th trip around the sun, let’s take it back to the 70’s and listen to some “Drums.”
May 15, 1970: The Grateful Dead at Fillmore East (late show)
February 19, 1971: The Grateful Dead at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY with only one drummer, Bill Kreutzmann.
May 5, 1972: Bickershaw Festival in Bickershaw England
March 31, 1973: The Grateful Dead at Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
October 20, 1974: The Grateful Dead at Winterland Arena (Mickey’s back!)
August 13, 1975: The Grateful Dead at Great American Music Hall
June 21, 1976: The Grateful Dead at Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, PA
December 31, 1977: New Year’s Eve with The Grateful Dead at Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, CA.
May 10, 1978: The Grateful Dead at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum in New Haven, CT
December 28, 1979: The Grateful Dead at The Oakland Auditorium in Oakland, CA.
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