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My 1st Show

So yes, this was a couple of years ago, and without getting into my age, let's say I was pre-voice changing young for this one.
How did this become my first concert? Well, I was a precocious little one and started planning this in camp the summer before. There was a really, super cool, Dazed and Confused type camp counselor, who talked rock n roll with us all summer. Foghat, Zeplin, Kiss, all the big acts of the late 70's. Somehow, in the holiday season, I talked my Mom into letting the 16 year old counselor drive and be our chaperone for my brother, a friend, and me to our first concert. And the cool counselor (Lori?) said yes!
After all, a free $12.50 (I remember how expensive it was) ticket was not to be snuffed at in 1980.
Mom took my brother and I to the tickemaster (was it ticketron then?) outlet to get the tickets. This was in the mall, in the back of the Sears store, and was the most exciting place on Earth to me. I literally remember waiting in line, afraid the show would be sold out, but also having to make a choice. We were either going to go to this show or The Police who were touring Zenyata Mondata.
It wasn't that a hard choice really. I heard "of" the Police at this point, but played this album around the house non stop.
In fact, truth be told, I didn't really realize the band had another album or other songs. So, when we went to the show, I nodded along enthusiastically but didn't understand why I wasn't hearing Live At Budokan start to finish.
In spirit of this post I'm listening to that album now start to finish. Still holds up! For the uninitiated, just start on "side 2", Ain't That a Shame through Surrender. 13 minutes of rock n roll lore.
I searched around for some old photos, ticketstubs, t-shirts, photos, anything from this show. Nothing out there I could find.
The year before though, this show was played at the same large venue (Fabulous Forum baby!) for a New Years broadcast. Which I found a recording of and created a post from here:
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You made our first show happen J!! I was 14? Lori was 17 by then and I was convinced that I had a shot at booking up with her. Haaaa what a joke. I remember our seats and can see the exact view and Bun E Carlos smoking. Thanks for the trip down ML. Van Halen is next right?

"I was a precocious little one"

@jaxilla Reading the comment above, seems my brother was far more than me.

@B-Stiff too much! Tell me more about this "offline". Next show? According to my timeline, my/our next big one was a stadium show with Heart headlining. Feel sorry for the kids raised in the age of helicopters.