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Radio shows and Meteoric Rises

KLOS live show. Wow. I recall the DJ and the excitement whenever a live event took place. There must have been a lot of these in the 70's
Grew up listening to KLOS and cheap trick in the earliest days until Blondie, The B52s, and KROQ split the dial when I came on the grid. Before the interwebs you and your siblings would take turns (or fight) with "dial control" sliding the knob up an down the static looking/hoping for a great song to hear.
That's how every suburban kid called himself a rocker but knew every lyric to this song. You'd never stop on Brick House.
Checking out Cheap Trick's timeline, I find it amazing how in such a short span a band can go from playing a club to headlining a New Years eve broadcast at the forum to millions. Must have been so heady.
So glad to see them finally get in the Rock Hall this year. Way overdue.
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