LOCKN' 2014
4 days 39 artists
September 4 - 7 @ Oak Ridge Estate in Arrington, VA
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My first Allman Brothers show

The Allman Brothers Band closed out Lockn 2014 with a set to remember. This was my first time seeing them play live and will likely be the only opportunity I will have to see them.
I was able to sneak my way up pretty close to the stage before the music started. It was interesting to see the age range. To my left, some kids in their early 20s were discussing the history of the band. To my right, a group of 60+ year old Fans were eager for the band to go on stage.
The band played "At Fillmore East," their first live album, in its entirety and encored with some classic tunes. Highlight for me was "Whipping Post."
Statesboro Blues
Done Somebody Wrong
Stormy Monday
You Don't Love Me
Hot 'Lanta
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Whipping Post
Midnight Rider
Mountain Jam
Blue Sky
Little Martha
Mountain Jam
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I'm so glad you were able to see them before they break up. This was a really cool experience, especially seeing them play Live at Fillmore East.