Portland Meadows - Portland, OR
Picture?width=180&height=180 kovach Phish at Portland Meadows
I just heard the Harry from this show on Sirius Jam On and it brought back a flood of memories of a great west coast run with our favorite band playing at the top of their game. The thing I really remember from this show is the "california love" Trey teases in the middle of Tweezer. After some discussion we determined that the sick little lick trey dropped in the tweezer was from Tupac's newest single, with a chorus of "California knows how to party." The boys were psyched to be on the the west coast and so were we.
The next day we stopped at a WalMart and bought the Tupac CD, hit a couple of shows at the Gorge then three in Cali -- we listened to CD every night of an epic cali run. Who would've thought Trey would turn us onto Tupac.
^California Love in Tweezer
^ The whole show
Tupac's Version ^
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so freakin' good