Woodstock 1994
3 days 83 artists
August 12 - 14 @ Winston Farm in Saugerties, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet By far the sickest set from Woodstock 94

By far the sickest set from Woodstock 94

As a kid from Woodstock who had just graduated college a few months earlier, the whole Woodstock 94 festival was an incredible experience. But there is no question that this set from RHCP was the top musical experience of the weekend (Bob Dylan's set comes in second).
I didn't consider myself a huge hard rock guy (more of a hippie), but on this night these guys grabbed me and refused to let go. The intensity was simply outrageous.
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Dave Navaro's first show with the band I believe. Can you imagine that as your first gig?

They rocked the block near Louis in Back Bay during the 2004 Dem convention -- certainly one of the better music acts if that whole spectacle. What else did we see that week?

I was at that Woodstock but didn't arrive until Saturday evening. I mainly stayed by the main stage due to how hard it was to move around there. It was my first concert.

My friends and I spent all weekend sitting on top of the back of the first line of porta-potties. Only place that was flat, clean and could see everything. Of course it stank horribly, but didnt really notice after about 15 minutes each day....
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I got there Saturday morning after waiting for the shuttle bus overnight in Albany. Bright sunny morning when we set up on higher ground so when it rained we stayed dry and mud free, for the most part. So many highlights in music but just the schedule alone. The mingling of fans from all genres of music was most memorable.