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When artists fight back

This is a great example of why I believe Fan First shows and fan funded artists, once sorted, will be A (maybe the) wave of the future.
"Back in November of last year I, along with my manager and accompanist, Darwin Meiners, played two shows in Tokyo, Japan. One booked by an independent fan and one by a so called ‘promoter’. What transpired goes a long way to illustrate why, these days, I much prefer to deal with the former rather than the latter. In a nut shell, the ‘fan’, Barry Rose, a genuine music lover and true gentleman was an absolute joy to work with, helping to organize what turned out to be a wonderful event and paying me in full and in advance. He also extended the most gracious hospitality during my stay. On the other hand, I was blatantly ripped off by the ‘promoter’, TETSUYA NAKATANI of VINYL JAPAN and have still yet to be paid. I willingly accepted the low ‘guarantee’ that he offered as I had not played in Japan for a long time and viewed the trip as something of a good will venture that would hopefully reignite interest in my music and consequently lead to further live events in a country of which I am very fond.
Nakatani was extremely slack when it came to arranging our visas which resulted in a situation where I had to make an eleventh hour dash up to LA to the Japanese embassy in order to obtain the necessary papers which only came through the day before we were due to depart. He also totally cocked up the flight arrangements so that he had me returning to San Francisco and Darwin to San Diego when it should have been the other way around. He then insisted that we should pay for the added charges incurred to right this and that this money would be deducted from my fee. We protested of course but Nakatani then became belligerent. A state of attrition ensued which has yet to be resolved.
When we met Nakatani in Tokyo his manner was somewhat brusk and offhand.
There was hardly any promotion for the concert and adding insult to injury, he had manufactured and was selling David J / Bauhaus T shirts and other merchandise without my permission.
This a matter more of principal rather than anything else and I can only hope that other artists will heed it as a warning to stay well clear of a highly dishonorable man. Artists be warned!
(Feel free to share this post as we need to get the word out on this unscrupulous bastard.)"
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Above from Mr. Haskins FB page
@DamianY You see this show out there?
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I think Vinyl Japan also hosted And Also the Trees last year. No promotion. I only found out through the Facebook page.
They have a great big recycled record store though. I'll give them that