Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Uniondale, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 kovach Phish at Nassau Coliseum
There are phish songs, there are jam vehicles, and then there is Tweezer -- the jam vehicle to end all jam vehicles. For me there is nothing like a big Tweezer and on this night in 2003 (not a particularly strong year for Phish overall) the boys laid down the greatest tweezer of all time. Perhaps the greatest piece of improvisation in their storied history. This tweeze goes through four distinct suites -- different flavors -- and it could've ended gracefully after any one of them, but the boys plugged on into uncharted territory. If I didn't know better, I'd think the whole thing was composed -- its astonishing to think this is all improv. The final "suite" ends with this Clapoton-esque arena rock outro jam that makes this Tweezer my favorite song to exercise to. Try it out the next time you go to the gym -- its perfect for a 30 minute workout -- 28 minutes of pure Tweeze bliss followed by a soul shakedown cooldown.
Here's the spotify link, check it out:
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Tweezer!!! Psyched to listen to the 4 suites from Nassau....

This is THE Tweezer in my mind as well, too many gym cardio missions with it to count.