Love and Rockets
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Great podcast with Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins

Is it just me @fazart @dalienday @lar @Racingferret @jefmeeks or does a Love and Rockets reunion feel like it's bubbling in the air?
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An L&R reunion would be amazing. Great podcast.

@robcoppo Listening to it I don't think Daniel is up for a full tour for good reason. Some one off shows though would be great huh? They all live in So Cal I think, they should do a residency at and have fans come to them. I'd fly out and meet you there.

@Surf , maybe we can get David J at a Res Radio show and discuss which L&R song we should do. We're leaning toward "All In My Mind."

Would be an awesome thing if they'd reunite, but, just don't see it occurring. I'd be ok with a new album without a tour if that's what it had to be. I think that's a pipe dream too

I like Surf's idea. They should do some one off shows or a residency somewhere.