David Crosby
The Balboa Theatre - San Diego, CA
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It has been a quiet year thus far for concerts. David Crosby's show continued that trend with a beautiful and relaxed show. The Balboa Theater has a terrific sound system which perfectly showcased his voice and acoustic guitar. David walked slowly across the stage giving the audience a big smile. His walrus mustache and white flowing mane were a welcome sight. I was taken back to over forty years ago when I first saw him in Berkeley with Graham Nash. I was brought back to the present the moment he strummed his guitar and was mesmerized along with the entire crowd. For twenty songs and many stories covering over five decades of performing David showed that he still has the chops. At 74 years of age and a lifetime of ups and downs he showed us an undiminished talent. We all left in awe and honored to have shared this evening of music and the man. His performance of Deja Vu was alone worth the price of admission.
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