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Best Phish run of 2013

What was your favorite run last year? I really enjoyed AC, but my favorite run of the year was Tahoe.
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The Gorge FTW

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Have to agree with Harrison here. It was my first Gorge experience and it was just amazing. Really tough call when comparing to the entire year, but there is just nothing like The Gorge!

Awh!! Love the pic Kenny!! It was the first time for the Major and I too!! Such a magical place! And that moon jam - what?!

So I have to agree with everyone in general that the West Coast summer run really had a great vibe to it. Was my first time to the Gorge as well, and thanks to Jaclyn and her crew we had some of the nicest accomodations there.

But ultimately I had the best time in Tahoe. Not only were the shows themselves great (Tahoe Tweezer ftw), but just the whole layout with the hotels right next to the venue was fabulous.

That picture of Kenny and Julz is precious!