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One morning in Philly

During a biscuits run in Philly a couple years ago I woke up in our hotel room before everyone else. Not wanting to wake everyone up I decided I would go see if there was a free continental breakfast cause you know, sometimes hotels do that kinda thing.
So I walk down to the lobby and stop at the bar quick. I grab a drink and ask the bartender if they have a free breakfast. He says he doesn't know but to ask the front desk about it. So I ask the front desk and they tell me to head down a corridor and go into banquet hall 3. I walk down the hallway thinking how strange it is that they would hide away the free breakfast but upon entering there it is, table after table of delicious breakfast foods. There were four rows, three tables wide of any breakfast foods you could think of, all stationed with servers at them. Omelet bars, meats, waffles, pancakes, fruits, bagels with lox; everything.
I walk in and ask if this is the free breakfast and they tell me yes it is. I pick up two plates and pile them high with food, thinking I'll bring it upstairs and be the hero of our hotel room. As my second plate reaches capacity the server hits me with a question I did not know how to answer.
"Why aren't you at practice?" he says.
"Excuse me?" I reply very confused.
"You know, practice. Aren't you on the 76ers?"
"Ummmm... I definitely am not on the 76ers." I manage to choke out as I realize what is happening.
"You can't eat this food, it's only for the Philadelphia 76ers!!!" the man yells at me, "You can't be in here!"
"What should I do with the food?" I desperately ask, hoping they will be nice and let me keep it.
They definitely aren't nice about it, but instead of telling me what to do with the food, they start awkwardly yelling at each other. I decide to take matters into my own hands and book out the door yelling that I'm keeping the food. I sprint down the hallway, into the elevator and stumble into my room where everyone is still sleeping.
Once everyone had woken we all enjoyed the food and had a good laugh over my morning esacapades.
Bottom line is that if I'm mistaken for a professional athlete on the morning after 2 nights of crushing biscuits shows, I must be doing something right. Bring on the Capitol Theater shows, I'm ready to get the fuck down.
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