St. Vincent, San Fermin
Celebrate Brooklyn!/Prospect Park Bandshell - Brooklyn, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 BQBQBQ St. Vincent: A star whose luminosity equals that of a tiny human sun

St. Vincent: A star whose luminosity equals that of a tiny human sun

It was a gorgeous summer evening for an outdoor concert and it was the finale for this year's Celebrate Brooklyn series at Prospect Park. It was a packed sold out show (even though it was free). The first person in line was there at noon. It was a homecoming show with both bands hailing from Brooklyn. San Fermin opened and were an energetic 8-piece complete with trumpet, bari sax and trombone for horns. Songs alternated between a male and female singer. The songs are pleasant but the male singer sounds too identical to Matt Berninger from The National. Not a bad thing but it's too similar that it almost feels cloying. They did close with a unique and rousing cover of The Strokes To be honest, St. Vincent's songs don't really grab me but I'll never get tired of seeing her perform live. Maybe like a Radiohead album, perhaps her artistic vision is so advanced and fully formed that I might not be able to digest or really appreciate it until much later. You always overhear people/fans declare sentiments like "she's so perfect" or "Annie can do no wrong" and they're pretty much correct. Yes, this is obviously subjective, but St. Vincent is so singularly cerebral and unique compared to most other acts that she shines all the more. She took her stage name from a Nick Cave song and her debut album 'Marry Me' is a comedy nerd nod to the recurring joke on the show "Arrested Development." That album title is St. Vincent's "Freebird." Men and women shout "Marry Me!" at all of her shows secretly hoping she might actually acquiesce. Her current tour is a highly choreographed, otherworldly set. Meticulous mechanical movements and rehearsed alien-like speeches, one is visually and subconsciously captivated. You're also debating whether Annie is human or not. Annie is clearly an intellectual and she won't dumb herself to appease the masses. It's up to us to catch up. On the side, she also composes chamber music, has an album with David Byrne (who gets to do that?!) and can still do soccer's difficult rainbow kick perfectly. Her hair's currently dyed gray and she doesn't care much for talking about herself and insists journalists to make up whatever they want. Instead, she gets obvious comparisons to David Bowie (her take on fashion as costume), Bjork (her unique starry-eyed vision and pixie-like imagination) and Prince and Jimmy Hendrix (girl, can seriously shred on guitar). So, basically, she's perfect.
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Great review and great photos! I was sorry to miss this show, I think just as much of Annie as you do.

Incredible post. Thanks BQ