Fishbone, Tom Waits
The Wiltern Center - Los Angeles, CA
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I was there too! Sadly my friends were very lame and we missed out seeing Los Lobos. They are "just another band from East L.A.", but that was in their prime. But, Fishbone freakin' killed it. Can't remember which song it was but all of a sudden a trombone FLIES in from off stage, doing flips and arcing through the air to land perfectly in the hands of the dude who played a solo on it, then just flung it back offstage. Amazing.
Oh yeah, and Tom Waits. That was JUST pre-Bone Machine. You know, no big whoop. Just insane geniusness at its finest is all. I remember In the Colosseum and Going Out West among others. Those two left an imprint on my DNA that won't ever wash out. If I ever commit a crime, the cops will be able to say "yeah, this dude heard Waits perform Going Out West."
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