Fishbone, Tom Waits
The Wiltern Center - Los Angeles, CA
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This was an amazing show. Tom Waits with Fishbone and Los Lobos as a post riot benefit show in Los Angeles. I drove up there with my friend @Wrenzoh in his old VW van from down San Diego way.
I'm sure we listened to this song, because there were many years where I couldn't drive north on the 5 without putting it on..."Oceanside ends the ride, with San Clemente coming up". It felt written just for us.
The show was one of those memorable ones. I mean, Tom Waits in LA for starters. But LA was broken. Still in some sort of transition from the Riots. As you drove the streets to The Wiltern most of the stores were knocked out, or burnt, or boarded. The room itself had so much energy, it wasn't a normal concert. Fishbone were in it's prime and singing quite passionately about their city in this 'formal' setting. Angelo passed over us all. Literally.
I just found an old Relix article from the archives with a quote from Tom on this show. He quite liked Fishbone as well. Time...damn.
R: You just played a benefit for the LA riots with Los Lobos(7), right?
TW: This thing just came up last minute. It was at the Wiltern Theater, at Wilshire and Western. Right in the heart of--well, Western Avenue's had a lot of teeth knocked out, so it seemed like an appropriate place to have it. Fishbone were unbelievable--just so inspiring, man.
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