Joe Russo's Almost Dead
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Win tickets to Joe Russo's Almost Dead at Brooklyn Bowl

Shut out of the shows? Not anymore! Fans is partnering with Brooklyn Bowl to give away a 3-night pass to one lucky fan!
To enter, post your favorite Joe Russo's Almost Dead photo or memory on Fans. The winner will be selected based on comments, likes and all-around awesomeness.
The contest kicks-off on Wednesday, March 16 at 7AM and runs through Sunday, March 20 at 11:59PM. Tickets cannot be traded. Must be 21+ to enter. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, March 22.
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Well it would be impossible to post a picture, because at a JRAD show you are too engrossed in the music to have your phone out. But, my favorite memory is when Marco unleashed at Brooklyn Bowl during FIre on the Mountain. By far the highlight for me of their 3 night run.

Fire on the MARCO!!

@ilmoesback great find. If you are sharing this as a memory to enter the contest then please go over to the show page and create a post around it there. Any show post automatically also goes to the artist feed. Have fun!

After set 1 of their first BK Bowl show @ the Freak's Ball when I realized this was WAY more than just another GD cover band.

@jdubs949 You mean this show? Post your story of it on that page!

The kid with the striped shirt on in the front row says it all......taken back by the shear force of the music that he is experiencing. Love me some JRAD!!! and as far as my favorite memory from a single show, it would have to be from Peach fest last year. Even though their show was cut short cause the pa kept going out. It rocked from the starting jam. And Viola Lee was choice.

Well, that's just it, I haven't seen JRAD before, some friends on a message board turned me onto them and I haven't been able to stop since, I've listened to nearly every show in circulation! It would mean the world to me as my birthday is on Wednesday and I've been looking for tickets ever since I knew they were coming. What's special about JRAD is the energy, playfulness, and true soul that bonds JRAD so closely with The Grateful Dead. I want to make some memories and feel the energy of JRAD!

I've only been to 2 JRAD shows but I have to say the Capitol Theatre rocked when you guys last came thru. I brought with me 3 friends who didn't know a single dead tune and they came out changed men. You guys were truly able to bring the passion and emotion into their souls and changed their lives for the better. You guys have that power in your music, and I am extremely grateful for that fact. If I don't get tickets I don't get tickets I'll still always have to guys to make me happy as well as the whole world does. I just want you guys to know you all have created something special for us fans and please keep it going. Thank you

So many great memories! Whether from the Vibes, Capitol or B Bowl! The energy that JRAD brings is tremendous! Been on the bus since 79 and I've seen my fair share of Dead shows. I do love the way JRAD hammers it!

How do I pick a memory?! After hearing about them for a year, I finally saw them in Boston in Nov and have been hooked!! Traveling to see them (something I'd never thought I'd do again!) and hearing the Dead's songbook played in ways that blow my mind at every turn! They have injected such fresh energy to the scene and to me personally. My non jam band familiar fiancé has become as big a fan, which is amazing and wonderful. I've brought friends to see them that haven't seen a show since Jerry died in 95 and seen them reduced to tears of healing. Truly remarkable experience. JRAD is indeed RAD ❤️

@MagentaRayne I'm just like your fiance (in that respect) . Wrote a post to that same tune. Go ahead and like it so I can win! :) Speaking of, I think you and @1candyman1 and @Seankennedy15 are supposed to create a post on the band or show page with those memories.

First time at the Capitol in Dec. 2013 was amazing!! BK Bowl is our home, but The Capitol is when I realized that Dave Dreiwitz IS my spirit animal!!!

I am the veteran of hundreds of GD and jgb shows. Was that lupos in Rhode Island 4J rad recently with my wife and a bunch of friends. The morning dew at the close of the second set was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard musically. I wish I could bottle it and share it with the world. Lots of good Joe Russo almost dead memories but that one sticks out in my mind in my heart and in my soul. I have a picture or two from that night but don't know how to share on this forum so I guess my description will have to do. Peace to you all