Dawes, The Avett Brothers, and 6 more
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre - Tinley Park, IL
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What a day! I'll admit, for whatever reason, I went to this show with pretty low expectations, and I was 100% wrong. I missed the very first performer, but from Dawes all the way through Willie this was a solid day of fantastic music. Flying solo to a show can be a mixed bag, but within an hour of sitting down on the lawn I immediately had new friends, it's nice to find people who are equally as happy to share their snacks.
My 2nd time seeing Dawes and they were just great, even thanking the crowd for adjusting their schedules to be able to make a 2pm show on a Friday. Old Crow was up next and just killed it, as with all the openers, I wish they had a longer set time. Alison Krauss converted several new fans in the lawn for sure. As always she sings just like an angel, there were times that the crowd was so silent during her performance. What else can you say about the Avett Brothers? They're just awesome, and completely threw down a great set including a sit in by Mickey Raphael. I had a sense that a good chunk of the (sadly small) crowd were there for Phil Lesh and he did not disappoint. Opening with a strong Viola Lee to set the tone. The highlight was a tremendous Terrapin > Rider that just smoked. Honorable mention to the Wharf Rat & Mason's Children. Finally Willie closed the night off with a energetic set of rapid fire songs (many covers). The man is a living legend and had the entire crowd eating out of his palm, many times letting them sing the song choruses. That was one damn good day & night!!
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