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One of the all time album covers

How great is this album cover? It still pops out. It's a piece of art on it's own and captures the essence of this classic album in one square space.
It doesn't surprise me when I did some google searches on it that it led me to link on MOMA!
Here's the artist
"Most people don’t know the B52s (they dropped the ‘s in 2008) started in 1977. They might know them from “Love Shack,” but the real B52s to me were an incredible breath of fresh air I sucked into my lungs in 1980 with this debut record. It was just like, “What?” What are they singing about? Can you imagine your first single you ever release is “Rock Lobster?” It wasn’t their biggest hit by far, but I think that song arguably defines them the best. The cover art summed up everything that was happening with music and culture in the early 80’s New Wave: colorful, different, completely original and a contrary to all the music that had come before. The 70’s were a great decade for music, but we needed something fresh. The B52s were it. Bands like the B52s helped usher in new jams that countered the progressive power rock and melodramatic slow songs of the 70’s. The cover art was designed by famed designer Tony Wright who also designed covers for Sly and Robbie, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley & Ramones. I love this record. It’s bright, different, simple, cool and fitting in well at #21. "
Above quote from the list below. This cover made 21. I'd have put it higher!
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Great post. It was completely different. Thats always hard to do, but they were ushering the era in.