David Sylvian
The Town Hall - New York, NY
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Fellow fans at a great show years ago

How cool to see someone else go to this (semi) obscure show! Just popped up on my feed. I know was there with @robcoppo but @mkreuch, nice to meet you and see a fellow David Sylvian fan around here. Checkout this song from the show I just found!
I'm recalling this show now that it's in my head again. I had seen him a few times in the 90's but only with his full outfit. Secrets of the Beehive tour, wow. But, this concert was a stripped down, David and a guitar in front of 1000's. So courageous for the work he does. And the last time I saw him live.
Man, he was such a go to artist for me in the day. I still, keep Weatherbox on the mantel even though I don't have a cd player anymore! It's just followed me around for 20+ years and is nice to look at.
Wonder what he's up to?
Glad this popped up in my feed. Stirred great memories and now some good playlists for the rest of the evening.
Oh, and here's a version of the same song from a show in Japan (how appropriate) 2 years earlier, with Robert Fripp.