Prince Paul, FKA twigs, and 2 more
Webster Hall - New York, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 sharilyn_neidha Hypnotic performance by FKA Twigs

Hypnotic performance by FKA Twigs

She really help the crowd in the palm of her hand! FKA Twigs took the stage in next to nothing, strutted around the stage like a jungle cat in heat, pausing periodically to sway like a belly dancer or let loose with a delicate yet powerful vocal performance. There were moments where I almost felt that she was singing directly to me, NO small feat in a sold-out crowd at Webster Hall. Speaking of which, Webster Hall was one of the worst venues in which to view a performance like this. FKA Twigs is very skilled at projecting a delicate intimacy as a performer, and the flat ballroom floor of the main hall left only the tallest or most intrepid with a decent view of the singer -- everyone else to hold their phones in the air to try to capture a bit of her magic. The sound system likewise muddied her delicate vocals under the echoes of the percussion. Despite these complaints (and I've never liked Webster Hall anyway), I was thrilled to see FKA Twigs in a relatively small venue, I'm sure she's headed for much larger rooms in the near future. Opening act P Morris (not Sammy Bananas as indicated above - Bananas was in the secondary room) was effective at warming up the crowd, though his performance was a bit of glorified knob-twiddling.
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Great review and photo! I was lucky enough to catch her at Glasslands the last time she was in town and I was sad to miss this one. The show experience is definitely as unique as her music.

O man I wish I'd seen her at Glasslands! That must have been SICK.