Bob Dylan
Forest Hills Stadium - Forest Hills, NY
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When an electric guitar rocked your world

Shit, can you imagine fans running the stage to tackle Bob Dylan because you cared so much for the importance of his art that it meant that much? I recall reading about Gaugin's colored paintings in turn of the century France having that kind of reaction from the public?
Different times indeed: Great piece from Village voice on this show. Came across it when I read about Bob returning to the scene of crime 51 years later!
"That August 28 concert in Queens, with Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, and Harvey Brooks rounding out Dylan's band, proved to be a far more polished show despite the riot it nearly caused. Jack Newfield noted in the Voice that Dylan and his backing musicians were booed "savagely" by the rowdy Forest Hills crowd, which was hypnotized by the first, unplugged solo set and enraged by the amplified, band-backed second. From Newfield's review: "After the first rock song, the Mods booed Dylan. After the second, someone called him a 'scum bag,' and he replied cooly, 'aw, come on now.' After the third the Mods chanted sardonically, 'We Want Dylan.' "
"Forest Hills was a different situation from Newport because we were expecting it," he recalls. "There weren't that many surprises, other than there were people that actually got up onstage and were trying to get at Bob. Some person tripped over the chair I was sitting on when I was playing the keyboards and knocked me over at one point. Like I said, they sang along to 'Like a Rolling Stone' and then they booed at the end, like they were instructed to boo by the newspaper."
What today would cause this kind of reaction? Has to be something with food!
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