Grateful Dead
Civic Auditorium - Oakland, CA
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Remembering My First Dead Show In The Promised Land

My first California Dead show was special for so many reasons. Reuniting with old NY friends who had moved out west, getting to see the Boyz do their famous home town New Years run live and in person instead of being home manning the tape decks. The show was great, Bertha as an opener was always a sign of a good show to come. Many faves in the first set including Beat It on Down The Line, Bird Song , Big River and They Love Each Other and a great set closing Let It Grow. Then the second set just didn’t let up Scarlet Fire-Playin’ In the Band - The Wheel -The Other One, just amazing. Even Black Peter which I didn’t fully appreciate till later in life was just so crisp and clear. It was such an upbeat rockin’ night overall with Sugar Mag and Us Blues closing it out. It was and an amazing scene too, totally laid back on the floor, dancing and just soaking in the whole experience which I haven’t forgotten 36 years later.
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