Naughty by Nature, Salt‐N‐Pepa, and 3 more
Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City, OK
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I decided to go to 3 NKOTB concerts

I wasn't expecting to go to any of their other concerts besides Kansas City and St. Louis. I mainly just wanted to go on an out of state trip. This will be my first time visiting Oklahoma. I bet they'll be surprised to see me at the meet n greet 'cause they know I ain't from Oklahoma LOL. I've got VIP to the St Louis concert as well. Maybe I should mention that I'll also be at the Oklahoma City concert. :)
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sounds like an awesome trip!

@jaxilla Yes it will be! And my goodness, I didn't realize that I haven't been on this website since I posted about this LOL I am so ready for May to get here.