Steve Martin
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Wow-Banjo playing Steve Martin's 1st standup in 35 years!

"There was a banjo onstage, which I didn't notice at first, but Martin didn't walk over to it right away. He walked up to the mic stand and took the mic off. He didn't put the stand behind him, however, as veteran comics do, to signify, I'm not going anywhere. Martin wanted the crutch; he wanted the out. "Thank you. Jerry couldn't make it tonight ... Have a safe ride home!""
I'd say he was mostly pretty good, occasionally almost great, and for one moment truly special. "I'll be honest with you, right off the top, because I'm a little upset with the Beacon Theatre," one joke began. "I was backstage and I used the restroom. And there was a sign that read, 'Employees Must Wash hands.'" Pause. "And I could not find [pause] one employee [pause] to wash my hands." Man, is that a classic Steve Martin joke. Reading it back, it might read overly jokey or cheesy, but that's the point.