And Also the Trees
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Born Into The Waves

I'm not too subtle about my love of the ocean. I mean just look at my user name! Now, one of my favorite old school bands, from inland England, are dropping "Born into the waves'. Appreciate it lads.
And while you're at it, appreciate one of the under appreciated artists still creating soundscapes 2nd to none. Eclectic for some I guess but this sounds mighty good to me.
Like "Millpond Years' good!
Check it out friendos @B-Stiff @robcoppo @Wrenzoh @DamianY @saber
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So great. I love that they are still going strong.
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Never able to get into these guys properly Jeffo. Maybe we need to get a bottle of something and you can take me on a tour.

Oh yes! I will be purchasing this one.

My goal is to have my music room finished in time to grab this on vinyl and give it a proper listening party.

It's amazing to have such relevant music not only from a band with a relatively small audience, but to have relevant music from a relatively small genre. The sound has evolved, but the core remains and I'm really excited to get this one when it's released. Thanks for sharing, Surf!