Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, and 10 more
Kings Theatre - Brooklyn, NY
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Kind of torn over this. I love Hendrix and love a lot of the people playing but really tend to dislike tribute shows (but loved Zappa plays Zappa, so go figure) I'm not sure I want to hear people play Jimi's music, though. Hmmmm.
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Yeah I would normally run screaming from something like this (I imagine a Hendrix tribute show in Vegas). HOWEVER, I think the fact that the main headliner is Billy Cox, who is the last surviving member of any of Jimi's bands (i.e. the last person who actually played significantly with him), really saves this and makes it legit. The rest of the bill is really good too. I totally get your trepidation @lokke but I think you should go! (Maybe I will too!)

I also tend to dislike tribute shows, but this also caught my eye. What a great lineup.

@lokke did you wind up going?

nope :( i did get tickets for steel pulse though!