Grateful Dead, Branford Marsalis
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum - Uniondale, NY
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Branford on Jerry & The Boyz...

Wow, this is a great little interview with Branford Marsalis talking about Jerry and the Grateful Dead. Great stuff! Heads up to all my Dead Head friends and anyone who loves jazz and music in general, this is worth a listen! Ps..thanks to PT for sharing this ! So good to hear Jerry and the Dead talked about by another excellent musician in positive and realistic terms. I have read several quotes and interviews with Marsalis over the years about his experiences, but never heard this discussion. He obviously had a good time with them and also respected them and the Dead audience for really loving the music and not the trappings of show business.
I was at that first show he mentions when he played with the Dead at the Nassau Coliseum in 1990. Elaine being pretty pregnant with Rachel I went solo and gave someone a miracle ticket. It was one of the fewer great shows from those later years.
Then years later at the Meadowlandswe saw him again with The Dead- all the boyz and Warren Haynes on guitar & vocals, I think it was 2008 . It was a really great show too.
Great memories. And although I was already well into a lot of jazz before that 1990 show, I was definitely one of the Heads who got a bunch of his records and started listening to some different and new jazz after he played with them. That’s what I loved about them was learning more and more from all their influences.
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I was there that night. The bird song was so magical