Lauryn Hill
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet Wow.. just wow

Wow.. just wow

So about 15 minutes into this show I started to feel guilty: guilty that I had ever doubted that this would be anything less than amazing.
I have to admit that I let Lauryn Hill's show-business reputation as a somewhat mercurial diva make me a little cynical going into this. I was expecting a somewhat perfunctory, perhaps even self-indulgent solo-type set.
What I was most definitely -not- expecting was a full-bore funk throwdown at least as smoking as anything Lettuce produced over the weekend. This band that Ms. Hill has put together is seriously tight.
Her willingness to delve deep into the Fugees catalog was also a huge surprise - all the grooves from decades ago that made them such a sensation in the first place were in full effect.
So until the long-awaited Fugees reunion happens to print money all over the world, definitely try to see Lauryn Hill. She made a convert out of me!
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