Nick Carter
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Hi Nick
Hi, Nick! My name is Pati, and I´m from Barcelona, Spain. I would like to meet yoy even if it is for twitter, as I believe that you are a person kind, sincere and good artist. I do not want to know because you´re famous, I don´t like to be famous. I own a business and don´t move in that world I have a restaurant and in addition, I am nutritionist and dietician when you come to Spain, well come you are.
I know that in the USA you are famous, I have family there and the people you know, here in Spain although there also too many groups and artists and the fans crazy with the new, sorry with for my english.
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Hi nick, ur really the best, uve never been change 23yrs ago. I cant stop admiring you guys the bsb. .. I love your group since i was in gradeschool. Im one of your biggest fan.. Im from philippines.