Mingus Big Band
Jazz Standard - New York, NY
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What a nice surprise this show turned out to be. The tail end of thanksgiving weekend and my pops was in town so thought I'd grab an old friend (and jazz buff) @raoulsam and go out for a lads early show at Jazz Standard.
This isn't my normal scene which seemed like a tourist joint when I walked in, but I must say it did deliver some great music. Not to mention some decent old fashions. This setting might be the only place in the world I miss people (and myself) still allowed to smoke. But it's for the better. Especially for the insane musicians in the Mingus Big Band. What a treat. Here's a video of them playing to give you a taste.
"Pops", his name just for Jazz night, enjoyed himself immensely. Not one to be shy, he cornered some young men out on leave for the night while we waited for the Uber. Telling him a story about a surprise weekend in very early 90's when he saw Ray Charles at the Blue Note while in town.
Being the son of a story teller, I rolled my eyes a bit but let him continue. Then, just now, checked the Fans database for past shows.
Time to eat crow.
And see more Jazz!
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I was there with him that night!! We had front row center seats. It was sold out and I saw him grease the doorman and next thing we knew we were ushered into the Bluenote and sat down right in front of Ray. It still feels like a dream and it never really happened.