Nà Vuccà Dò Lupù
By: Three Mile Pilot
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Riding the subway, listening to albums #2

Surprised myself choosing this one as the second album in the project. Forgot it was on my spotify downloads so gave it an impulsive play when I scrolled through the list. I'm glad I did.
I recall walking into Lou's records in Encinitas and browsing the "local band" area to find this album. Or was it the taste maker behind the counter you didn't argue with who said "you should check it"? Doesn't matter, because 'back in the day' this cassette was in high rotation in the car stereo.
Starting with the hypnotic and still ridiculously catchy/unique "One Step Ladder" the album drew me in immediately.
I thought, listening to the album, all these years later, would be a dated nostalgia trip of yesterday when I'd blast this driving around foggy beaches. Thinking of cities?
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But today, it was a shockingly perfect subway companion on a grumpy Monday "Just keep clear of stations" 3K miles and a lifetime away. Wow, every song holds up. This thing is a beast. Who knew when I last listened to this but I was surprised to find myself singing and recalling just about everyone of the tunes. It was like recalling memories that you forgot you had. A bit of trip actually.
Give it a good listen. Really such great songwriting and craftsmanship.
Funny though, as much as I liked this album, I never really stuck with the band. There was a story I recall about them being signed to a major label and getting lost in the big system as happens. Looking at their releases on their timeline here at Fans I see plenty of work was done after this. Sometimes you're just a fan of an album. What can I say?
As a sidenote though, about 10 years ago, a friend turned me on to this really great song I was immediately drawn to.
Got a bit nutty on them, bought the catalog and saw them live whenever they were in town.
Turns out I was drawn to 1/2 of the same band from those years before. Just later, in a different place, a bit more mellow. Kind of like the new stuff.
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