The Velvet Underground & Nico
By: The Velvet Underground, Nico
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Riding the subway, listening to albums. #1

It's never too late to see live music, and as you can see, I see more shows lately than I have in years. Which is great! But why the f*&^ don't I listen to albums anymore? To be honest. I never do.
I consider myself a pretty huge music fan, but looking in the mirror, if I was getting a grade in the fundamentals of music 101, ALBUM appreciation, I'd be failing.
Smarter people than me have spoke to this, but with every song ever recorded just a click way, the net result seems to be a diminishment of connection to all that is out there rather than a deeper one fueled by the ease and breadth of all to explore. There's a good argument to be made that devaluation of music as a product not only has hurt artists pocket books but as a double punch, devalued beautiful pieces of art, with the past and future audiences the real artist were trying to connect with in the first place.
But I'm not having or settling that argument here! And, besides, it's also totally possible that I'm wrong, everyone is listening to a shitload of albums and I'm off the grid on this. That scenario i can change beacause...
I miss listening, escaping with music
I miss the company, solace, discovery, joy listening to recorded music used to bring.
I really miss albums. Straight up. Start to finish.
Luckily, I have a 45 minute door to door commute most days, and living in a metropolis, the ability to completely tune out on the way to work is actually one of the great things of living here. Driving sucks and riding a subway and walking with headphones is a cheap way to a possible rich small journey.
So, here goes. A goal, with few rules (because rocknroll and rules don't go together):
When I do choose to listen to music on way to work it'll be an album start to finish. And then let's see what happens. It doesn't matter if it's old, new. Revisited or Reviled. But when I push click that's the soundtrack for the commute.
Then, I’ll post it here to track it and possibly add a few words of insight (if I feel like it). If you want to discuss it, join fans, and go ahead below. I'll hang here.
Follow me if you want see if I actually do it! And @B-Stiff @robcoppo @Wrenzoh @juneherring @saber @schererforever @raoulsam @jaxilla @Skebet @DamianY @biovert @khengst bug me if I don't!
I kicked this off today with this one.
I definitely have listened to this over the years in pieces or whole and heard most the songs before. But a good listen today blew my mind (Warning: I’m an enthusiast and this will happen a lot to me in this project if I keep it up). Older and wiser now I can finally see how certain sounds/bands influenced so many after. Why a band like Luna (one of my favorites) for instance sites these guys as influence.
What Lou Reed and Nico sing about. How they phrase it, connected to a sound of happy melodic minimalism with gritty production and purposefully sloppy riffs to match the grit of the lyrics is awesome and made my first Subway Album a nice ride.
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i love this album. now i must spin it today!