Tina Turner
Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
Picture?width=180&height=180 Skebet A top show of all time

A top show of all time

To this day I tell people this Tina Turner show was one of my top 5 live music experiences ever. Her presence and delivery, not to mention sheer talent, is basically nonpareil. On my personal Mount Rushmore of vocalists I have seen live, she is right there in the middle.
One of the most interesting things about this show was that the audience was by far THE most diverse I have ever seen at any music concert to this day: teenagers to elderly people - white, black, asian, latino - some in suits, some in T-shirts and everythng in between. I have never seen another single live performer attract such a comprehensive cross section of New York (or America).
At the time, in 2000, this was billed as part of her final big tour. Of course she came back again (they all do) in 2008, but she hasn't played any major shows since then, seven years ago. Come back to us Tina!