Midnight North, Holly Bowling
The Hamilton - Washington, D.C.
Picture?width=180&height=180 AJL Midnight North w/ Holly Bowling at The Hamilton
Midnight North is a great live band. the set was a mix of covers and original music. their original tunes stood up well against the quality covers they performed. The harmonies were spot on. Holly bowling sat in on most of their set after an outstanding set of her own. Her improvisational piano work further enhanced MN's sound. They threw her a high hard one when they told her they were going to do a tune from their new album. She picked it up and hit it out of the park. All the musicians seemed to be having a lot of fun, always good for the audience. It's a shame that so few people took advantage of this show. The Hamilton Live is an amazing venue to see live music.
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Would love to see some pics if you have any!! Sounds awesome!

It's awesome to see Holly sitting in with so many bands. she rocks