Roger Waters
The Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI
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I was there purely for the music, which was incredible. I knew going in the Roger Waters had a habit of self indulgence in preaching liberal views of the world. What I didn't expect was the childish lengths he would go to in "creating" his message. We get it.....not a fan of Donald Trump. His lengthy, personal attack ruined what could have been a great show. There will always be the debate whether or not artists should be pontificating their political views. After all, these "more important celebrities" feel it is their duty. I am still from the free speech camp.....just not when I am paying for a show. Write a book, do an interview, whatever....I can always choose not to read it or change the channel. Just don't do it my time when paying only for entertainment. I got to watch a non-US Citizen bash our president and country while cashing in on US dollars....not being taxed by bloody, old England rates. Kind of hypocritical to see a guy worth close to $300M preaching about money and excess. I basically saw a grouchy old man offering no solutions.
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