Scott Metzger, Joe Russo, and 5 more
Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
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So Band of Changes brought me out last night with a promise of catching both Joe and Scott burnin up Chris's material (and you gotta love how into it Chris gets- he's definitely a spotlight rock star). Their set got better as it progressed, with some awesome interplay instigated by Scott between both guitarists and Shaw. Was somewhat disappointed that just as soon as it seemed like it was going to take off it came to it's conclusion. Very grateful I decided to check out Delicate Steve. Russo joined in for a few more tunes as a special guest which was really where I felt the pay off laid last night. Such intensity out of Delicate Steve. Even the early band brought it in force. If anyone doubted that rock and roll still had some kick in it last night was definitely proof in the affirmative
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