The Rolling Stones
Shea Stadium - Flushing, NY
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My first Stones show

Senior year of high school, a bunch of friends from Andover and I somehow got tickets to this through someone's parents. We were in the very last row of the very top tier of the stadium; turning around we could see the parking lot behind us. This was the Steel Wheels tour and the stage must have been 100 yards wide. I had seen the Grateful Dead already at this point, including at Giants Stadium, but this was my first time seeing a huge pyrotechnic display. I want to say they opened, obviously enough, with "Start Me Up" but can't be sure (until we get our setlists up!) In any case, this is a very fond memory of 6-8 high school friends at this show! Went on to see the Stones quite a few more times, but this is one of my strongest memories.
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I bet this was incredible!

How's this for a factoid (confirmed by Wikipedia). The Rolling stones started ('62) before Shea opened ('64) and is still playing after the stadium was tore to the ground. If the wager was placed in the '60's or '70's what would still be standing in 2014, Stones or Shea, what you think the odds would be?!!

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